Sir CP (2015) Malayalam Full Movie Watch Online

Cast: Jayaram, Honey Rose, Seema, Rohini, Jayabharathi, Vijayaragavan, Hareesh Peradi, Rahul Madhav, Mukundan, Saadique, Sudheer Karamana, Dinesh Panicker

Sir CP (2015) Malayalam Full Movie Watch Online

SYNOPSIS: Chethimattathil Philip (CP) – brought up by two unmarried sisters – runs a well-known educational institution. The family’s arch-enemy Kariachan has been blackmailing the sisters for years by threatening to reveal an old secret. He has also grabbed a lot of their properties and his final target is CP’s college. Will CP lose his property and learn the truth about his parentage?

REVIEW: Monotony is the mood that rules almost every frame of Shajoon Kariyal’s latest movie Sir CP. It is Jayaram’s 200th film and there is hardly any sequence that is fresh, with every other element in the movie reminding you of the similar roles he has essayed before.

Sir CP unfolds in a conventional style and the sequences remind you of the movies released in the eighties. The narrative is primarily about the rich man Philip who runs an education institution named CP College. Though a crooked businessman, he is apparently a good-hearted human being.

Raised by two unmarried sisters, whom he calls velyammachi and cheriyammachi, he knows nothing about his parentage. Kariachan, the family’s old nemesis, blackmails the sisters with a decade-old secret and has already grabbed many of their properties. His latest demand is CP College. What does the future hold for CP and his foster mothers?

Despite a rehashed storyline, you feel that each character has come before you numerous times. The only difference is that their antics do not win hearts and there is zero connect, especially with the lead character. Despite having experienced the shallow side of CP’s personality, Honey Rose’s character still loves him and nobody knows why. In the end, Sir CP is yet another stale family story that you can watch if you have no other option.

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